Work With Jiggy

Are you looking for a breakthrough? Have you hit a plateau? Are you burnt out? Do you believe you can improve and perform even greater, but just aren't sure how to get to that next level? Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Is there something holding you back? Do you lack accountability and a support system?

If you're the most driven person you know in your life, you're not doing yourself a favor. If you're surrounded by people who are easily impressed by your work, you're not doing yourself a favor. To be above-average, to bring standout performance, you must separate yourself from the minds of the average people and average habits. You must set higher standards for yourself, expect more from yourself, keep yourself accountable, push yourself, and believe in yourself. Just as importantly, you must have the high level of self-awareness to determine the appropriate time for self-discipline versus self-compassion - knowing when to push, knowing when to rest.

What separates my clients from the rest? Doing the work is easy. Taking a rest is what’s hard. I believe there is progress and strengthening happening even during the physical break. I don’t condone only mental strength and working, I also encourage self-compassion and vulnerability. My program is for those who are in it for the long run and building a legacy. No shortcuts, no short glory, not just for the gram.

If you're ready to commit to your story and your future, if you're ready to be unapologetically dedicated, if you don't fear challenge, if you don't fear hard work, and if you're eager to finally start living life with your fullest potential, I'd love to work with you!

*The first initial assessment session is free of charge.


one-on-one COACHINg

Reach higher levels of motivation, discipline, personal and professional development, and relentless performance. By working with Jiggy, you will:

  • Skyrocket your level of self-awareness

  • Learn why you've reached a plateau

  • Recognize what's really holding you back

  • Release past pains and gravitate towards healing

  • Gain clarity on your ultimate vision and purpose

  • Develop an aggressive amount of confidence

  • Become mentally stronger and more focused

  • Increase productivity

  • Work effectively and efficiently

  • Push yourself to achieve even bigger results

  • Positively impact your peers and community along the way

  • Have Jiggy's full support and 24/7 communication access for accountability and encouragement!


group coaching

Build an unstoppable team.

  • Identify and celebrate the unique skills each individual can bring to the group

  • Empower individuals and encourage them to take responsibility

  • Develop group engagement, support, enthusiasm, and motivation

  • Learn the skills of sharing compassion and empathy

  • Increase commitment to career development

  • Enhance team communication skills

  • Boost efficiency

  • Gain clarity on mission and goals of the organization

  • Identify development opportunities to strengthen group's weaknesses

This program is designed for athletic teams, after-school programs, student organizations, Greek Life, businesses, etc.



Learn the difference between "hustlin'" versus high performance. For those who are curious to find out what it takes to take their skills, their careers, their lives to the next level, this is a great place to start!

  • Intro to High Performance

    • Why successful people have a morning routine

    • How you can use the power of visualization for your success

    • Why planning ahead can change everything for you

    • How emotions affect high performance

    • How to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness

    • ...and so much more.

  • Vulnerability Is Dope

    • How emotions affect high performance

    • How compassion helps you influence more people

    • How self-awareness helps you become a better leader

    • How to increase your level of self-awareness

    • How to experience emotions without losing motivation and focus

    • Why it's important for top performers to increase emotional intelligence

    • How to create space that welcomes others' vulnerability

    • What really is Vulnerability?

    • ...and so much more.

  • Q&A, small groups, personal chats afterwards is certainly encouraged