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This application will be a tremendous help in making sure that our first session together is highly beneficial and most effective. Please don't rush this process.

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Assessment Questions
Please answer with your honesty and your truth in your responses, and be as detailed as possible. Every single response will be respected with honor and confidentiality.
Happy? Thriving? Content? Lacking motivation? Lost? Confused?
What are some memories? Good and/or bad.
Is this what you want to be doing? Are you happy? Are you thriving? Are you looking for a promotion? Are you looking for a different job?
How did you get this job? Why did you get this job? How did you start your business? Why did you start your business?
How often do you hang out? Party? Are they a beneficial influence for you to achieve your goals and be your best self?
Why do you follow them? What do you learn from them?
What are they like? How did they meet? What's your relationship like with them? Who disciplines you more? What do they do?
How many? How old? What do they do? Write 'N/A' if none
Are you physically active?
Do you tend to lie/cheat?