A Story Unlike Any Other.


Na Eun Yoon ("Jiggy") is a daughter, a sister, a kickass girlfriend, an overprotective best friend, a Type 1 Diabetic, an athlete, an inspirational speaker, an Emotional Intelligence / Mental Strategy coach, the founder of the Vulnerability Is Dope™ initiative, and a spoiling mother to her puppy (Joey) and kitty (Phoebe).


Jiggy was born in Seoul, South Korea where she was raised in a traditional Korean family. As expressing of thoughts and speaking the truth are frowned upon in the culture, Jiggy was always forced to focus on her studies. As a result, she lacked an immense level of emotional intelligence, leading her to battle depression and suicidal thoughts all throughout childhood and teenage years.

Jiggy moved to the States when she was 10 years old without knowing any English, and learning this new language helped her finally discover an identity she could connect with, as "gay" was not a part of the vocabulary in Korea. Jiggy 'came out' at 13 years old when she began to experience the challenges of homophobia from friends, family, and society.

In 2010, the high school senior Jiggy had to live alone in her Queens apartment for some time due to family-related circumstances. Jiggy discovered later that, during this time, her mother suffered a heart attack during her travels and had gone through surgery. Just when her mother had moved back to New York and Jiggy was confident in taking care of her mother, a 5-alarm fire ruined their apartment building and they lost all of their possessions within one hour. Since then, Jiggy had lived between two shelters and strangers' basements in Queens while her college dorm rooms became her new home.

Jiggy attended the Pennsylvania State University where she accidentally/coincidentally began her journey exploring the power of vulnerability, self-awareness, and empathy through gen-ed classes and working with influential professors. This is also where Jiggy was introduced to the weightroom, where she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, where she would become the President of a hip-hop dance crew, and where she would be on the cover of a magazine.


In 2013, Jiggy's mother passed away from cancer. On the day of the funeral, Jiggy said her final farewell and then hopped on the Megabus to make her way right back to Penn State. Taking time off of school was not even an option that came to her mind — graduating would be the best way to honor her mother. At this time, Jiggy was numb and didn't know how to ask for help, where to look for help, or what kind of help she even needed. This is truly when Jiggy had entered the new level of healing and self-discovery.


After graduating in 2014, Jiggy did what everyone else did and got a full-time job. The 'issue' was that a perfect resume and the office life never seemed very appealing to her. It wasn't long before she started searching for something that would align with her passion for helping people by sharing her story. After working full-time for two and a half years, Jiggy decided to quit and pursue motivational speaking. As time went by, though, Jiggy realized that speaking was just one of the many other things she'd like to be doing under a bigger umbrella. The ultimate mission is to inspire as many people as possible to embrace their own vulnerability and, also, to create a space for others to share compassion.

In 2017, the 24-year-old Jiggy loaded up her Honda Fit and drove across the country to start a new chapter in California.

Jiggy has spoken at numerous events, workshops, classrooms, organization meetings, and panels. The topics thus far have ranged from homelessness, community service, Type 1 Diabetes, and mental health to self-awareness in regards to social media, college life, and Greek Life.

Jiggy is often told that her message is beyond her years and that that's because she's experienced life in ways that not many people her age have. That adds onto the rare quality that makes her so unique — Jiggy is able to inspire and connect with an audience of any age, any gender, and any story. Jiggy is the only Korean, lesbian, hip-hop dancing and rapping Type 1 Diabetic girl-who-lifts with tattoos, piercings, and muscles who speaks so boldly of vulnerability. Because of these qualities, Jiggy's followers and general audience include people of diversity with various cultures and backgrounds.

Jiggy Yoon is truly the very first of her kind, of her generation, of this world.